Über TPG


Being an independent Packaging Consultancy, TPG has a responsibility to each of its Clients to provide packaging solutions which work for the Clients business – that’s the priority. We do not choose to be linked to any manufacturers of packaging or packaging systems.

Project Work

TPG’s work includes UK, European and global projects covering – airlines, animal feeds, automotive, bathroom ceramics, beverages & Spirituosen, Bauprodukte, Chemikalien und Farben, coffee and bakery retailing, communications, electricals and lighting, confectionery, disposables, Lebensmittel, produce and dairy, Möbel, diy sector, household and detergents, industrial and engineering, Küchengeräte, pharmazeutische und medizinische Produkte, plastics, retailers and b2b / b2c, technology etc.


TPG ist seitdem Betriebssystem 1990 and now has facilities in London, Europe and the Far East.


The Company is the leader in the field of Packaging Cost Reduction Projects, Technical Innovation and Problem Solving, and Creative and Cost Effective Structural Packaging Design. We work to improve Materials Technology and its Performance, its Sustainability and impact on the Environment. We operate with inhouse CAD and Prototyping Development, Design für alle Sektoren einschließlich Luxusgüter. We have built worldwide Supplier / Converter Data Bases and sector wide, Verpackungskostenanalyse Programme via PAKSIS ®.


Our team is made up of professionals from leading blue chip companies – packaging manufacturers, user companies and creative agencies


TPG ist ein einzigartiges Geschäftsmodell, das integrierte Verpackungslösungen in allen Bereichen der Verpackung und deren Märkte.