vaqueros de carbón vegetal

Jealous Devil is the largest producer of lump wood charcoal. They operate out of Paraguay and supply into restaurant and food service chains across North America. Here we were asked to develop unique packaging streams to take JD’s product presentations upto to premium status in order to spearhead their developments into new markets. This is a game changer for charcoal packaging; TPG has worked through prototyping, sourcing, technicals specifications, pricing, pilot trials and the implementation of unique flexible and rigid packaging structures.

Mariscos de Nueva Inglaterra

New England Seafood is a major supplier of fresh and frozen premium sustainable fish and seafood in the UK and one of the largest importers of fresh tuna. Customers are the UK’s leading supermarkets including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, as well as smaller retail outlets, restaurant chains, food service markets and wholesale sectors nationwide. For this company, TPG has developed innovative packaging for a series of products / markets, taking ideas from concept stage through to prototyping, supplier sourcing, costs and the related packaging systems.


desarrollo y la reducción de costos de los envases en toda la gama de congeladores verticales de Eppendorf. Los productos se envían en todo el mundo haciendo el requisito de las normas de envasado y calidad especialmente alta. Proyecto consistió en el diseño de las estructuras de paquete, prototipado, pruebas, especificaciones completas CAD, citas con proveedor, piloto y la implementación. Proyecto entregado ahorro de material de embalaje de un 29% y un ahorro de mano de obra del 11%.

Agrokor – gallo

This group is the largest food manufacturing and retailing operation in the Adria region. Pik processes meat products from a highly automated state of the art factory. This programme took cost out of base and printed top web materials, flowraps, casings and corrugated. It included top web print, print set up, batch gang running etc. The project generated significant cost reductions in all areas. In part the savings were was used to generate innovation and new supplier routes for the business.


Redesign all of packaging to overcome damage issues and packaging quality weaknesses, in part created by the large number of China suppliers and manufacturing sites then being used. We developed Kenwood Group International Packaging Standards / Test Procedures / a CAD based Specification System. We redesigned packaging around modular sets of internal pulp mouldings and gift styled litho printed corrugated carton structures. We prototyped, tested and implemented each international standard - the end results eliminated damage and created a family of structures supporting the Kenwood brand and its market status.


Lafarge – the world’s largest cement producer, asked TPG to create a new packaging concept for its Mastercrete cement. This involved research, ideas, refinement, pilot and implementation of a new PE valved carry handled ‘dumpy bag’ for 12.5kg fill capacity. The new packaging is another first for Lafarge. Watch video

Johnson & Johnson – Global

The largest health care company in the world employed TPG to reduce its global corrugated costs via a Technical Levers Programme. Spread over four global regions and fifty-four factories, we reduced direct costs by an eight digit $ sum and implemented the changes within twelve months. We used our PAKSIS software to identify the potentials and the consolidation direction.

Burton Galletas

A film consolidation and respecification programme covering the full extent of flexibles used across the Burton sites. This was a major film rationalisation programme designed to remove historical material specifications, to optimise material grades by category, to eliminate technical overlaps created by acquisition and to reduce costs against a significant spend.


Starbucks – a two fold programme; implement a packaging waste reduction approach at store level and secondly, develop packaging innovation solutions for fresh bakery products.

Berry Bros & Rudd – No. 3 London Gin

Cost reduction whilst maintaining brand integrity for one of BB&R’s flagship brands. The application of cost effective technicals can be made to work across any packaging medium. In this instance, it’s a delicate balance of design, quality and economics – glass, closure, decoration, key etc.

Bosch – Republica checa

A series of packaging and logistics cost reduction projects centred on the Bosch Czech plant products – OEM etc. Products are mass produced for global customers, therefore packaging and distribution cube efficiency are cost critical. Improvement in units per pallet increased by 20% / packaging costs reduced by 18%. Very successful project by project programme, all fast tracked.

Innovación Drift

For Drift Innovation, we developed award winning packaging for their action cameras, Ghost – S and Stealth 2. Very clever packaging and communication - achieved the German Red Dot Award 2012.

Goldenfry Alimentos

Goldenfry is one of the largest users of composite paperboard cans in Europe, producing sauce granules for the major retailers. This was a programme to engineer cost out of a very limited composite supplier base. The project generated significant cost reduction and was one of several projects subsequently undertaken by TPG for Goldenfry.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins trusted in TPG’s packaging design skills to develop packaging for their most expensive product range yet. They did not want to rely on their packaging suppliers; they wanted fresh solutions, a fresh approach, packaging innovation - which is what they got. We took this development from concept to CAD prototyping to implementation. The new 800 Series Diamond speakers were launched in 2015. Watch unpack video

Abel & Col

This project involved the refinement and cost reduction of Abel & Cole’s widely used returnable customer packaging. The detail and profile of each box was changed to optimise die cut sheet laydown – the target being to reduce converter waste and its associated cost. Box top flaps were changed to a two up interlocking wave design. Similarly, the internal diagonal fitments were redesigned around the wave profile which allowed two fitments to be produced from the original one up, one fitment blank. That’s a 50% saving!

Chaucer Alimentos

For Chaucer Foods we developed and implemented high speed flowrapping for their slim crouton finger biscuits. It may sound straightforward but there’s a high degree of complexity in handling friable biscuits at a very high speed.

Emerson Industrial Automation - Control Techniques

A series of packaging cost reduction and ongoing, new product pack development projects conducted for Control Techniques. These included high tech packaging for Control Techniques, AC, Servo, DC and Drive System product ranges. Packaging developed around performance cushioned heavy duty corrugated and timber ply structures, fully CAD specified, tested and implemented for manufacture in Europe and China.

Nampak Plastics Europe

For Nampak Plastics Europe, we were asked to evaluate their new Infini rHDPE container range against competitors’ products and to present the findings to the major retailers.

Tiempo fresco

Freshtime produces value added, ready to eat vegetable & salad products for the leading supermarkets. This project was geared to reducing Freshtime’s packaging costs at all levels – formings / flexibles / cartons / trays / corrugated / labels etc whilst maintaining sourcing and supply flexibility and quality. A five month turnaround programme.

Snacks de avión

TPG’s packaging team developed airline snack, meal, bakery etc innovative and cost effective packaging solutions – an end to end process.

Grupo Mayborn

Packaging standardisation and cost reduction programme for Mayborn’s Sangenic family of products. Covered product and packaging produced in China and UK. Standardisation of materials, pack structures; cost reduction routes established.

Tadco Arabia Saudita

Tadco (Tabuk Agricultural Development Company) is the largest fruit grower in the Kingdom, supplying wholesale markets and major retail chains. TPG’s role was to reduce packaging costs across all business segments and to go onto develop retail family style packaging.

Maxam España

Manufactures explosives across the globe and has 27 production sites. This project focussed on flexibles and corrugated cost reduction whilst meeting stringent technical performance and international distribution standards. Spain first, followed by global packaging standards.

Booja Booja

Booja - Booja asked TPG to redesign its Truffle Selection confectionery packaging. Nothing simple; it’s a range of easy open, click reclosable, book style hinged cartons with removable internal panels, creating a discrete style – and all from one piece of cartonboard. Efficient design at optimum cost.

hombro del mono

hombro del mono, a William Grant brand. At the time it was said that a badge on a compound curve could not be done commercially for a mainstream product. Working with client, agency and suppliers. We did it.

DK marcas

For DK Brands, the largest kitchen accessory company, we designed the new packaging ranges for Cole & Mason, Zyliss, Culinare etc. Design concepts to prototypes to pack testing, specifications, supplier sourcing and China implementation.

Geopost / DPD / Chronopost

GeoPost France is the largest courier business in Europe, operating DPD, SEUR, Chronopost, Intelink Express, Yurtici Kargo etc. TPG has undertaken two large projects for this group – the first to standardise all packaging and packaging suppliers across Europe with the aim to reduce complexity and cost. We developed a group wide Packaging Manual. The second programme, to introduce Co2 measurement and carbon neutral status across all packaging materials and their related conversion processes.


For Lakeland we have undertaken several constructional design projects leading to the development of the Lakeland Packaging Manual, constructed to be easily workable across its very large overseas supplier portfolio. It provides packaging guidelines and ensures consistent packaging quality across Lakeland’s products.

De la calle

De La Rue is the worlds largest and most diverse bank note printer. We developed improved packaging from manufacturing through to country and commercial banks.

El Acelerador de comestibles

How to get started – packaging, graphics and technical requirements through to supplier sourcing and production. Cost effective packaging direction for SME’s and Start Up’s. Grocery Accelerator group use TPG as the packaging gurus - to present to groups of business owners what packaging routes are open to them and how to achieve their goals.


Finchtail aim to solve everyday problems in a simple and useful way. Equal parts design, sustainability and common sense. For this project, Finchtail asked TPG to develop a board based tablet / mobile stand - easy to assemble, low cost, super cool; followed by the design of its packaging and retail display packaging. We’ve created the first use of corrugated as a consumer product and of course, it’s low cost and fully recyclable. The carton is a unique design and incorporates a tear strip, optional integral euro hook and a reclose feature.

Embalaje de producción re ingeniería, pruebas & ahorro de costes

Technically engineered and cost effective packaging for the entire range of Watson Marlow products, accessories and consumables.

la innovación técnica para el paquete de productos de próxima generación

Adlens – advanced and innovative packaging for a new generation of spectacles. An end to end process of design, prototipado, pruebas, validation and sourcing – Europe / Japan / Malaysia.

la reducción de costes del embalaje mundial

Coats PLC – the world’s largest producer of thread. This was a global programme to reduce packaging costs and to set international packaging standards across the group.

vitaminas directa

For Vitamins Direct we rationalised their entire tablet container range and introduced coordinated house HDPE jars with CRC closures.

Queso de Bradbury

Bradburys asked TPG to develop a compartmented cheese server pack for premium airline customers - to contain soft and hard cheese varieties. We designed, prototyped, tested and sourced the components; piloted production with Bradburys leading to full implementation.

SMJ eléctrico

SMJ manufactures extension lead systems, travel adaptors, wiring accessories etc. Our brief from SMJ was to develop a unique, house styled packaging range which would modernise its point of sale product and packaging presentation and optimise retail hanging / shelf space. The designs have ‘real impact’ and have been a contributable factor in increasing sales of SMJ’s products.

Arjo Wiggins IDEM

An industrial, protective and sustainable packaging solution for Arjo Wiggins IDEM Carbonless paper reels. Complete engineering turnkey project in UK / USA / Belgium.

Biomet Suecia

Biomet Sweden asked TPG to assist with the development of an active component bone cement package and application system. We progressed a unique carrier / mixer scheme utilising tailored twin pouches incorporating dispenser heads brought together at point of patient application.

TNT Europa

TNT asked TPG to conduct a full European packaging cost reduction programme covering TNT branded consumables – PE satchels, carton wallets, corrugated, PP sacks etc used throughout TNT’s network of European Depots, Hubs and Customers. The savings results by packaging category, ranged 44% to 18% cost reduction.

Amo Hot Choc

A packaging concept development programme, through to pack graphics, packaging structures and specifications, co-packer trials, supplier quotations and first orders. Included sachets, cartons, sleeves and SRP’s.

TNT Reusabox

This development was a spin off from the main cost reduction project – an identified marketing opportunity to provide TNT customers with a reusable packaging format, durable enough to be used over several trips whilst maintaining contents security and their protection. A great development which put TNT well ahead of its competition.


We made a standard pot into a non-spill pack for a range of kids dry snack foods. This was a unique pack development; it won several consumer awards and was fundamental to the ethos of the company.

El yeso Reino Unido e Irlanda

BPB is Europe’s largest plasterboard producer, operating over several manufacturing sites. This project was focussed on the re-engineering and cost reduction of timber pallets whilst increasing their returnability and reuse. Pallet timber sizes, structures, grades and quality were standardised across the group; Suppliers rationalised and mechanisms implemented to focus costs on the groups’ overall timber cubic metre usage.


For Cuprinol, we removed the complexity of their secondary packaging. We standardised formats, materials, packing methodology and introduced minimal easy access distribution and retail friendly packaging. For the industry, this was a first and it remains effectively in use today.

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