Consumer Goods and Household

Packaging Design and Cost Optimisation for Consumer Goods

Invariably, our work here must satisfy highly technical and global manufacturing standards covering a wide range of products and packaging scenarios. Whether we are working on packaging design / development or cost reduction programmes, we operate to internationally accredited CAD specifications, pack test evaluations, Supplier quality and cost benchmark analysis – end to end.

Related work in this sector

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins trusted in TPG’s packaging design skills to develop packaging for their most expensive product range yet. They did not want to rely on their packaging suppliers; they wanted fresh solutions, a fresh approach, packaging innovation - which is what they got. We took this development from concept to CAD prototyping to implementation. The new 800 Series Diamond speakers were launched in 2015. Watch unpack video

DK marcas

For DK Brands, the largest kitchen accessory company, we designed the new packaging ranges for Cole & Mason, Zyliss, Culinare etc. Design concepts to prototypes to pack testing, presupuesto, supplier sourcing and China implementation.


Redesign global packaging to overcome damage issues and quality weaknesses, en parte creado por el gran número de proveedores de China y los sitios de fabricación, entonces se utiliza. Hemos desarrollado Normas Internacionales Grupo de embalaje Kenwood / Procedimientos de prueba / un sistema de especificación basada en CAD. Hemos rediseñado el embalaje alrededor de los conjuntos modulares de molduras de pulpa internos y litográfica de regalo de estilo impresos estructuras de cartón corrugado.


For Lakeland we have undertaken several constructional design projects leading to the development of the Lakeland Packaging Manual, constructed to be easily workable across its very large overseas supplier portfolio. It provides packaging guidelines and ensures consistent packaging quality across Lakeland’s products.