Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Packaging Consolidation and Cost Reduction for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Here, we similarly work internationally for healthcare and pharmaceutical producers. Projects of this nature may be geared to specific product lines, a globally used packaging category or to a Clients total product portfolio manufactured across several operating facilities.

trabajo relacionado en este sector

la innovación técnica para el paquete de productos de próxima generación

Adlens – advanced and innovative packaging for a new generation of spectacles. An end to end process of design, prototipado, pruebas, validation and sourcing – Europe / Japan / Malaysia.

Biomet Suecia

Development of professional bone cement dual packaging laminate pouch structures / dispensing mechanism. A patented system.

Johnson & Johnson – Global

A Technical Levers Project to reduce corrugated costs across all of JnJ’s global operations and suppliers. This project delivered savings of 23%.

vitaminas directa

Para Vitaminas directa racionalizamos toda su gama envase de comprimidos y se presentó coordinado casa frascos de HDPE con cierres de CRC.