Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials

redukcja kosztów pakowania globalny. Multi operational sites across all key Regions. Strategic technical development and specification harmonisation applied to all packaging categories. Categories included sacks – paper and PE, corrugated, technical films and bags, pallets etc.. Supplier evaluation and consolidation.


Redesign global packaging to overcome damage issues and quality weaknesses, w części utworzonej przez dużą liczbą dostawców Chiny i zakładach produkcyjnych jest następnie używany. Opracowaliśmy Kenwood Group International Standards Pakowanie / procedury testowe / a na podstawie specyfikacji systemu CAD. Mamy przeprojektowany opakowania wokół zestawów modułowych listew wewnętrznych miazgi i dar stylizowany lito drukowanych struktur karton falisty.

New England Seafood

New England Seafood is a major supplier of fresh and frozen premium sustainable fish and seafood in the UK and one of the largest importers of fresh tuna. Customers are the UK’s leading supermarkets including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, as well as smaller retail outlets, restaurant chains, food service markets and wholesale sectors nationwide. For this company, TPG has developed innovative packaging for a series of products / markets, taking ideas from concept stage through to prototyping, supplier sourcing, costs and the related packaging systems.


Lafarge – the world’s largest cement producer, asked TPG to create a new packaging concept for its Mastercrete cement. This involved research, ideas, refinement, pilot and implementation of a new PE valved carry handled ‘dumpy bag’ for 12.5kg fill capacity. The new packaging is another first for Lafarge. Watch video

Johnson & Johnson – Światowy

The largest health care company in the world employed TPG to reduce its global corrugated costs via a Technical Levers Programme. Spread over four global regions and fifty-four factories, we reduced direct costs by an eight digit $ sum and implemented the changes within twelve months. We used our PAKSIS software to identify the potentials and the consolidation direction.


Starbucks – a two fold programme; implement a packaging waste reduction approach at store level and secondly, develop packaging innovation solutions for fresh bakery products.

Drift Innovation

For Drift Innovation, we developed award winning packaging for their action cameras, Ghost – S and Stealth 2. Very clever packaging and communication - achieved the German Red Dot Award 2012.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins Zaufał umiejętności w zakresie projektowania opakowań TPG do opracowania opakowań dla ich najdroższych asortymencie jeszcze. Oni nie chcą polegać na swoich dostawców opakowań; chcieli świeże rozwiązania, świeże podejście, innowacja opakowanie - czyli to, co dostali. Wzięliśmy ten rozwój od koncepcji do wdrożenia do prototypowania CAD. Nowe głośniki z serii 800 Diamentowe rozpoczęto w 2015 roku. Oglądaj rozpakować film

Abel & Kapusta

This project involved the refinement and cost reduction of Abel & Cole’s widely used returnable customer packaging. The detail and profile of each box was changed to optimise die cut sheet laydown – the target being to reduce converter waste and its associated cost. Box top flaps were changed to a two up interlocking wave design. Similarly, the internal diagonal fitments were redesigned around the wave profile which allowed two fitments to be produced from the original one up, one fitment blank. That’s a 50% saving!

Czas świeży

Freshtime produces value added, ready to eat vegetable & salad products for the leading supermarkets. This project was geared to reducing Freshtime’s packaging costs at all levels – formings / flexibles / cartons / trays / corrugated / labels etc whilst maintaining sourcing and supply flexibility and quality. A five month turnaround programme.

GeoPost / DPD / Chronopost

GeoPost France is the largest courier business in Europe, operating DPD, SEUR, Chronopost, Intelink Express, Yurtici Kargo etc. TPG has undertaken two large projects for this group – the first to standardise all packaging and packaging suppliers across Europe with the aim to reduce complexity and cost. We developed a group wide Packaging Manual. The second programme, to introduce Co2 measurement and carbon neutral status across all packaging materials and their related conversion processes.

witaminy bezpośrednie

For Vitamins Direct we rationalised their entire tablet container range and introduced coordinated house HDPE jars with CRC closures.

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