«Мир первый» нет разлив пищевых продуктов пакета детских

Продовольственная компания Benjoy Nutrition утверждает, впервые в мире после запуска ассортимента закусок детских формата, не разлива под названием Munchcup.

The format, which is exclusive to Benjoy and was invented by the firm’s founder Michelle Daniells, features an anti-spill lid made of a membrane that is designed to prevent content spillage while simultaneously allowing “little fingers” to get at the contents.

The lid comprises two layers, an outer peelable seal and a non-peelable membrane that incorporates slits for access but springs back into place after each use.

An application for a patent has been submitted for the format, which is being used to pack freeze-dried fruit slices, multigrain cereal bars and unsalted root vegetable crisps.

A trio of packaging firms has worked on the packs. ТПГ Packaging Consultants in London developed the structure, Chadwicks of Bury created the lid and the product is contract packed by Kapak Foods in St Helens.

Stephen Mills of ТПГ Packaging Consultants said: “The client wanted a tub style and size that would accommodate a range of snack products and they wanted it with a non-spill, non-removable, easy to use lid which could be marketed as a unique product and pack for the childrens food sector.”

Article source: Packaging News

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