Food, Dairy and Drink

Packaging Cost Reduction and Design for Food, Dairy and Drink Products

We operate across the international food, biscuits, dairy and drinks manufacturing sectors, for high and unique volume producers. Our work covers every day well known brands upto premium drinks producers. Packaging cost reduction and technical development areas include – flexibles, pouches, ready meals, cartons, labels, plastics and glass, closure and dispensing systems, canning and composites, decoration and print, SRP’s and outer packaging.

Related work in this sector

Агрокор – кран

This group is the largest food manufacturing and retailing operation in the Adria region. Pik processes meat products from a highly automated state of the art factory. This programme took cost out of base and printed top web materials, flowraps, casings and corrugated. It included top web print, print set up, batch gang running etc. The project generated significant cost reductions in all areas. In part the savings were was used to generate innovation and new supplier routes for the business.

Berry Bros & Rudd – нет. 3 London Gin

Cost reduction whilst maintaining brand integrity for one of BB&R’s flagship brands. The application of cost effective technicals can be made to work across any packaging medium. In this instance, it’s a delicate balance of design, quality and economics – glass, closure, decoration, key etc.

Goldenfry Foods

Goldenfry is one of the largest users of composite paperboard cans in Europe, producing sauce granules for the major retailers. This was a programme to engineer cost out of a very limited composite supplier base. The project generated significant cost reduction and was one of several projects subsequently undertaken by TPG for Goldenfry.

Nampak Plastics Europe

For Nampak Plastics Europe, we were asked to evaluate their new Infini rHDPE container range against competitors’ products and to present the findings to the major retailers.