Effective Packaging for Industrial Products

For us, the industrial sector can take on sophisticated preventative shock engineering packaging, heavy duty corrugated and timber structures, across to industrial paper and board, flexible protective wrapping or award winning packaging for high value 85 kg speakers.

Связанные работы в этом секторе

Arjo Уиггинс IDEM

An industrial, protective and sustainable packaging solution for Arjo Wiggins IDEM Carbonless paper reels. Complete engineering turnkey project in UK / USA / Belgium.

Bosch – Чешская Республика

Разработка О.Е. упаковки для автомобильной продукции.

пальто PLC

Глобальная программа сокращения затрат упаковки для подразделения Промышленного нити

Emerson Industrial Automation - Методы управления

A series of packaging cost reduction and ongoing, new product pack development projects conducted for Control Techniques. These included high tech packaging for Control Techniques, AC, Servo, DC and Drive System product ranges. Packaging developed around performance cushioned heavy duty corrugated and timber ply structures, fully CAD specified, tested and implemented for manufacture in Europe and China.