Building, DIY and Chemicals

Packaging Cost Reduction and Development for Building and DIY Products

This is a tough environment where operators can run 24 / 7 on highly automated packaging systems. Safety, packaging performance and meeting of stringent regulatory factors are inherent in our project work and the associated packaging change routings.

Related work in this sector


For Cuprinol, we removed the complexity of their secondary packaging. We standardised formats, materials, packing methodology and introduced minimal easy access distribution and retail friendly packaging. For the industry, this was a first and it remains effectively in use today.

Gypsum UK and Ireland

BPB is Europe’s largest plasterboard producer, operating over several manufacturing sites. This project was focussed on the re-engineering and cost reduction of timber pallets whilst increasing their returnability and reuse. Pallet timber sizes, structures, grades and quality were standardised across the group; Suppliers rationalised and mechanisms implemented to focus costs on the groups’ overall timber cubic metre usage.


拉法基集团 - 世界上最大的水泥生产商, 问TPG为其创造Mastercrete水泥新的包装概念. 这涉及研究, 思路, 精致, 试点和实施新的PE的带瓣扛处理“矮胖袋”的12.5千克填充能力. 新包装是另一个第一拉法基. 看视频

SMJ Electrical

SMJ manufactures extension lead systems, travel adaptors, wiring accessories etc. Our brief from SMJ was to develop a unique, house styled packaging range which would modernise its point of sale product and packaging presentation and optimise retail hanging / shelf space. The designs have ‘real impact’ and have been a contributable factor in increasing sales of SMJ’s products.