Confectionery & Snacks

包装创新, Design and Cost Reduction for Confectionery

We’ve worked for large producers and for niche artisan manufacturers where packaging needs to reflect creative differentiation. Cost effective solutions do not need to be restricted to the big players.

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Booja Booja

Booja - Booja asked TPG to redesign its Truffle Selection confectionery packaging. Nothing simple; it’s a range of easy open, click reclosable, book style hinged cartons with removable internal panels, creating a discrete style – and all from one piece of cartonboard. Efficient design at optimum cost.

Chaucer Foods

For Chaucer Foods we developed and implemented high speed flowrapping for their slim crouton finger biscuits. It may sound straightforward but there’s a high degree of complexity in handling friable biscuits at a very high speed.

Bradbury’s Cheese

Bradburys asked TPG to develop a compartmented cheese server pack for premium airline customers - to contain soft and hard cheese varieties. We designed, prototyped, tested and sourced the components; piloted production with Bradburys leading to full implementation.