Consumer Goods and Household

Packaging Design and Cost Optimisation for Consumer Goods

Invariably, our work here must satisfy highly technical and global manufacturing standards covering a wide range of products and packaging scenarios. Whether we are working on packaging design / development or cost reduction programmes, we operate to internationally accredited CAD specifications, pack test evaluations, Supplier quality and cost benchmark analysis – end to end.

Related work in this sector

鲍尔斯 & 威尔金斯

鲍尔斯&威尔金斯倚靠TPG的包装设计技巧,以培养包装他们最昂贵的产品范围还. 他们不想依靠他们的包装供应商; 他们希望新的解决办法, 一种新方法, 包装创新 - 这是他们得到了什么. 我们把这种发展从概念到原型设计CAD实施. 新的800个系列钻石音箱是在2015年推出. 观看视频解压

DK Brands

For DK Brands, the largest kitchen accessory company, we designed the new packaging ranges for Cole & Mason, Zyliss, Culinare etc. Design concepts to prototypes to pack testing, specifications, supplier sourcing and China implementation.


Redesign global packaging to overcome damage issues and quality weaknesses, 在由众多中国供应商和制造基地,然后创建一部分用于. 我们开发建伍集团国际包装标准/测试程序/基于CAD系统规范. 我们重新设计围绕模块化组内部纸浆模塑制品和礼品风格胶印印刷瓦楞纸箱包装结构.


For Lakeland we have undertaken several constructional design projects leading to the development of the Lakeland Packaging Manual, constructed to be easily workable across its very large overseas supplier portfolio. It provides packaging guidelines and ensures consistent packaging quality across Lakeland’s products.