Food, Dairy and Drink

Packaging Cost Reduction and Design for Food, Dairy and Drink Products

We operate across the international food, biscuits, dairy and drinks manufacturing sectors, for high and unique volume producers. Our work covers every day well known brands upto premium drinks producers. Packaging cost reduction and technical development areas include – flexibles, pouches, ready meals, cartons, labels, plastics and glass, closure and dispensing systems, canning and composites, decoration and print, SRP’s and outer packaging.

Related work in this sector

Agrokor – 公鸡

这组在阿德里亚地区最大的食品制造和零售经营. 碧处理肉类产品从现有技术工厂的高度自动化的状态. 此方案考虑成本出碱和印刷顶部网材料, flowraps, 肠衣和波纹. 它包括顶级Web打印, 打印设置, 一批黑帮运行等. 该项目产生的所有领域显著降低成本. 在部分积蓄都被用来产生的业务创新和新的供应商路线.

贝瑞兄弟 & 鲢鱼 – 没有. 3伦敦杜松子酒

降低成本,同时保持品牌完整性的BB&R公司的旗舰品牌之一. 成本效益的技术面的应用可以在跨任何包装中工作. 在这种情况下, 这是设计的一个微妙的平衡, 质量和经济性 - 玻璃, 关闭, 装饰, 键等.


Goldenfry是欧洲复合纸板罐的最大用户之一, 生产酱油颗粒为主要零售商. 这是对工程师的成本了非常有限的复合供应商基地的计划. 该项目产生的显著降低成本和随后由TPG为Goldenfry开展了若干项目之一.

Nampak Plastics Europe

For Nampak Plastics Europe, we were asked to evaluate their new Infini rHDPE container range against competitors’ products and to present the findings to the major retailers.