LINHARDT استقبال “ديزاين بلس” جائزة

A tube made from more than 50% paperLINHARDT is on the right course!” said the jury at the awarding of the “ديزاين بلس” جائزة. تلقى LINHARDT الجائزة في “الرؤية المادية” competition in Frankfurt am Main for the development of its Paperflex tube.

The award was collected by Managing Director Dr. Monika Kopra-Schäfer, Johann Beil (Head of the Research and Development department) and Horst Soder (Head of the LINHARDT plant in Hambrücken).

According to the Multiflex principle
The Paperflex tube is a multi-layer tube manufactured according to the Multiflex principle developed by LINHARDT. The special feature of the Paperflex tube is that the metal and plastic layers in conventional tubes responsible for the stiffness have been replaced by paper layers.

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اقرأ المقال كاملا