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What's Next

The Initial Brief

This is the first overview of the Client’s packaging to assess the potential Project and its value. We will submit a Project Proposal which will define what can be achieved, how long it will take and at what cost.

Packaging Cost Savings Analysis

This involves TPG in reviewing each area of the Clients packaging; its suitability for purpose, technical value, performance and its cost. It will include a critical assessment of the efficiency of the packaging across the Clients total business. TPG analyses and reworks this data to establish how and where improvements and cost savings can be made. This in turn is supported by a Project Plan for the Client to consider. It forms a blueprint for development and implementation.


Projects are undertaken on an integrated basis, commencing with the first development and prototyping of the ideas. These will be supported by technical and cost appraisals. Subsequent phases may be linked to trials, market tests, CAD, sampling, digital printing, specifications, costs , selection and transfers to Suppliers, prior to pilot or full production.

The Environment

Packaging specifyers and users have a responsibility to minimise their product packaging material content and its downstream impact on our Environment. At TPG we take on this responsibility seriously, continuously challenging the necessity for excessive and sometimes, unnecessary packaging which no longer serves useful purpose or, may be superseded by technology improvements, market changes and intelligent packaging concepts. TPG cross fertilises solutions from the widest knowledge base available, to deliver to Clients cost effective solutions that are sustainability based.