Borealis y Plasticum desarrollan tubo sostenible utilizando proceso renovado

Austrian packaging firm Borealis has partnered with Plasticum Group and developed a polypropylene (PP) tube for the cosmetics and personal care industry increasing production efficiency resulting in a domino effect of other benefits.

El CLUBE tubo cosméticos combina la producción del tubo, the closure and the labelling into one single bi-injection moulding production step instead of three traditional steps. This results in greater production efficiency, according to the company.

“ We are always looking for new opportunities to push the boundaries of design and functionality in the packaging solutions we offer for the personal care market, … in combination with cost-effective intellectual manufacturing processes ,” commented Rian Stegeman, chief technology officer, Grupo Plasticum.

Sustainability efforts

In simplifying the production process, Borealis has reduced the production cycle time and consequently the amount of energy used.

Likewise, the condensation of all three steps in to one means less equipment investments required, the company claims.

This gives the added benefit of money saved and goes towards both companies’ sustainability and environmental efforts.

“ Our long and trusted relationship with Borealis enabled us to find the right material to achieve an effective tube and closure combination that follows a sustainable approach for ourselves and our customers ,” Stegeman added.

Less going to waste

The PP tube and cap are fully recyclable and as an integrated closure cuts material use by 40 per cent.

According to the company, the integration of the closure eliminates the need for a tube shoulder which results in significant savings in material usage as well as reduction in waste.

The in-mould labelling options available consist of silver contour and metallic surfaces as well as the use of bi-colour.

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