etiquetas electrónicas luz hasta botellas de bebidas

Innovia Films and imprinted logic circuits firm Pragmatic Printing have worked together to develop interactive printed electronic labels that light up beverage bottles.

Electronic LabelsThe printed electronic functionality has been “successfully” integrated onto Innovia Films’ Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP) label substrates, according to Innovia.

Innovia said that the first prototypes were interactive bottle labels that activate a sequence of flashing lights when the bottle is held.

It also said that this is only one example, from numerous possibilities, of how active packaging can be used to attract, inform or interact with the consumer.

Pragmatic Printing is based in Cambridge. It produces printed logic circuits that introduce interactivity into a wide range of products.

Electronics can be integrated on plastic, paper, card or metal surfaces, which may be curved or flexible.

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