Mundial de lanzamiento para que cambian de color inteligente tapa

Sistemas Lid inteligentes’ innovadora tecnología de envasado de alimentos que cambia de color se fija para ser lanzado pronto en todo el mundo. Most recently, it’s been imported into the UK through a distribution agreement established between Smart Lid Systems and Smart Lid UK.

The Smart Lid gives consumers a visual indication of the temperature change that occurs between hot drinks being made and them becoming ready to drink.

When placed on top of a hot beverage cup, it immediately becomes red but gradually takes on its original dark colour. The design also features a sealing indicator. This patented component tells consumers that there’s a secure (or unsecure) connection in place between the lid and the cup and, so, acts as a safety feature.

Smart Lid

According to Smart Lid Systems, the Smart Lid works with all kinds of hot beverages, contains additives that fall within European and US-based regulatorssafety standards and, since it’s the same weight as a traditional lid (2.3 grams) its distribution costs stay the same.

Smart Lid Systems is excited to be expanding our product into a progressive coffee industry like the UK”, the firm’s Managing Director, Nick Bayss, explained in a company press release issued at the end of March 2012.

He continued: “With the retail coffee sector being so competitive the Smart Lid is the latest tool to attract customers to any sized coffee brand. With the global launch imminent we are endeavouring to introduce the Smart Lid into the foodservice, healthcare and airline sectors throughout Europe.

Colour-Changing Lid

This colour-changing lid’s UK public debut is set to occur at the London Olympia Caffè Culture Show which takes place between 16-17 May 2012.

Sydney-based Smart Systems Ltd is the recipient of multiple awards and, since the early 2000s, has been working alongside the dominant Australian food-based plastics producer to explore and manufacturer innovative new packaging solutions.

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