Nuevo paquete de cereales resellable

Las innovaciones precisas desarrolla un nuevo paquete de cereales resellable

Precise Innovations, a Bradford-based packaging design firm, has developed a new recyclable bagless cereal pack with a resealable sticky pouring spout.

Speaking to PN, managing director Mohammed Pervaz said that his firm had spent several years developing the new pack, which he claimed was the “packaging of the future”. He said that the new pack is made from virgin cartonboard with a cellouse liner and is 100% recyclable.

He claimed that there was currently no cereal pack with a resealable sticky pouring spout on the market at the moment.

Pervaz explained that his firm had worked alongside packaging experts and technologists (TPG embalaje consultores) to develop the new pack. He said that the resealable sticky pouring spout will enable people to open the box, take what they need, and easily reseal it and store for further use.

‘The next Tetra Pak’

Pervaz said that this will be the “closest thing to the next Tetra Pak”. He explained: “This is an innovative and unique packaging that appeals to both manufacturers and consumers. It is also environmentally friendly and will hopefully be a success.”

Speaking about the benefits of the new cereal pack, Pervaz explained: “It keeps the commodity inside the packaging fresh, it is easy to pour, there is no wastage and at the end of its life it is 100% recyclable.

“Kids cannot get their hands inside the packaging compared with conventional packaging and it is very hygienic.”

Pervaz said that he was “extremely excited about the development and will be contacting food retailers and manufacturers in the near future to trial our packaging”.

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