There’s a terrific draught in here thanks to APPE

International beer brands Heineken and Amstel are available in a new four litre PET keg with an integral tap from by APPE. The Tapje keg is a home-use draft-beer system, which has been launched in the Netherlands prior to introduction into other markets.

The Tapje features APPE’s monoBLOX barrier technology with oxygen scavengers. Once open the beer remains fresh for 30 days and so is ideal for occasional drinking or for parties, according to the company.

Michel Goovaerts, plant director of APPE Belgium, said: “We are delighted to have worked with Heineken on this project, which has resulted in a truly innovative product. This has been a perfect example of how APPE can use its knowledge and experience in design and manufacture to create exciting packaging that keeps contents in perfect condition.”

By PRW Staff