WWP Dual Tube FPT

World Wide Packaging (WWP; Florham Park, NJ) has taken its patented foil polymer tube—FPT—to the next level by adding an inner, creating two chambers for two different products. The tube holds one to two ounces of product in each chamber. “It’s not just a new prototype—it’s already been tested, and ready to market. We can prove there is no product migration, and no leaks,” says Jeff Hayet, executive vice president, global sales, World Wide Packaging.

The dual-chamber round FPT tube has a 40-mm diameter. WWP is currently building the tooling to bring other sizes to market. “The tube is crimped, to może być wypełnione dwóch różnych produktów, które pozostają oddzielone ścianę przegrodową,” says Hayet.

How does it differ from a toothpaste tube? “You can barely see the seam, because our flexoprinting technology enables us to print the tube all around—360 degrees, which greatly enhances this tube’s look,” says Hayet. WWP built its own flexo-printing machines in China, customizing them around its technology. “It’s a real breakthrough in the industry, because a tube like this has never been done before,” says Hayet. He says the process of getting the wall inside is a manufacturing innovation. “A custom-built robot places the wall inside the tube in a very efficient, high-speed way. Many customers want to know more details, but it’s our proprietary process,” he adds.

Another breakthrough is the wall’s material. Making the wall in foil laminate material took much time, effort, and investment, according to Hayet.

“Our original concept was a polyethylene-based wall, which is not a great polymer for aggressive products,” says Hayet. Fragrance-based and oil-based cosmetics, along with ammonia-based hair dyes, are considered aggressive products that need the barrier properties of laminate material.

Hayet says they are already fielding calls from other suppliers who want to license the technology, including the patented process of inserting the wall inside the tube.

“We’re not going to go down the licensing road yet,” says Hayet. “We’ve only just started to show this to our top customers a few weeks ago,” he says.

Dual FPT Tube

Source: www.pmp-digital.com
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