Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials

Globalna redukcja kosztów, innovation and automation programme – ‘a very successful project across the business’

Johnson & Johnson – Światowy

A Technical Levers Project to reduce corrugated costs across all of JnJ’s global operations and suppliers. This project delivered savings of 23%.

Bowers & Wilkins

Rozwój efektywnego pakowania dla B & W nowej serii głośników Diamentowej. Nagradzane opakowanie. Oglądaj rozpakować film


Research, development and introduction of the new Lafarge cement ‘carry bag’ – designed and marketed as zero waste format. Watch video

TNT Europa

European programme to reduce packaging costs. Results by material category ranged from 18% upto 44% saving pa.


Introduction of international structural packaging material and design standards across Kenwood’s network of product suppliers. Engineered to eliminate damage.

Agrokor – Chorwacja

Rozwój techniczny, print colour consolidation, innovation and cost reduction for Pik – the largest meat processing operator in the Asiatic region.

Burtons Herbatniki

Złożoność struktur film / specyfikacji zracjonalizowanych całej liczne sku i pięciu zakładach operacyjnych do generowania oszczędności w oparciu o podobieństwa i korzyści skali.

Nampak Plastics Europe

Project to support technical introduction / credibility of the Infini lightweight rHDPE milk container range across Nampak’s major customers.

De La Rue

Global programme to improve packaging based on our market research of Customer packaging requirements.

Berry Bros & Wzdręga – Nie. 3 London Gin

Redesign of BB&R’s leading brand, No3 Gin bottle packaging – glass lightweighting, colour enhancement, decorative innovation and cost reduction.

Płaszcze PLC

A global packaging cost reduction programme for the Industrial Thread’s division

Bosch – Republika Czeska

Development of OE packaging for automotive products.

Biomet Szwecja

Development of professional bone cement dual packaging laminate pouch structures / dispensing mechanism. A patented system.

New England Seafood

Conceptual packaging innovation for new products.

zazdrosny diabeł

The largest supplier of lump wood charcoal into North America. A pack innovation programme to develop next generation ‘carry and dispense’ packaging. The new pack formats have generated significant trade interest and sales.

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