What we doWe manage projects end to end, solutions to implementation

  • Packaging Cost Reduction and Packaging Rationalisation

    Development of technical and innovative packaging changes that will deliver measurable cost reduction, range rationalisation and material economies.

  • Data Analysis – PAKSIS®

    TPG has developed its own database analysis system – PAKSIS®. This allows TPG to undertake complex material cost analysis and technical comparisons by pack component size, weight, material area, conversion and manufacturing factors including palletisation and distribution optimums. This process may be used to identify overlaps, cost savings, benchmarks, and to set control standards for future Client applications.

  • Structural & Graphic Design, CAD, Prototyping and Sampling

    We produce design prototypes for initial assessment, samples for test purposes and CAD drawings for Supplier transfer. This ensures correct specification and manufacture where ever packaging is to be produced. We create and detail pack graphics through to print ready artwork. We produce CAD diagrams and Pack Specifications for everything that we do; from the simplest to the most complex assemblies.

  • Packaging Design, Innovation & Consumers

    We create structural packaging designs and develop innovative next generation end to end packaging solutions. We focus as much on consumer improvements as we do on cost effectiveness and sustainability.

  • Packaging Sustainability

    We undertake end to end reviews of a Clients packaging to introduce sustainability improvements, technical and competitive advances and packaging reduction gains utilising Carbon Trust and Bilan Carbone CO2 data.

  • Plastic Packaging Alternatives / Technical Innovation

    We are continuously working on developing solutions that avoid the use of single-use plastics and a reliance on plastics generally. TPG is researching and developing new and extensions to existing packaging technology, material processes and supplier breakthroughs on a global scale. We conduct searches and find solutions to intractable packaging obstacles. We cross fertilise ideas into practical and cost effective packaging formats which create competitive edge for our Clients and their businesses.

  • Global Supplier Analysis and Surveys

    We conduct supplier capability and quality surveys across all regions and packaging converting sectors. We maintain Supplier data bases comprising capabilities, pack examples, material range, processes, decoration techniques etc. We attend global packaging exhibitions and continuously vet technical manufacturing, innovation and related development news.