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TPG Obaly Consultants

Developing the balance between Packaging Cost Reduction, Sustainability and Innovation

With the Covid-19 virus now officially declared a worldwide pandemic and with no end in sight, TPG has taken steps to minimise the disruption to our Client base whilst ensuring minimum exposure to our Customers and Consultancy team to the virus.
We appreciate this is a fluid and difficult situation for all business worldwide so we will continue to support our Client base.
We know it is essential for us to continue to operate at 100% as this crisis has led to business facing disruption to supplies / distribution, loss of business and additional incurred costs.
Our ability to reduce costs, rationalise supplies and improve supply chains will prove to be invaluable over the coming months.
We will continue to help business through these difficult times and beyond assisting our Clients to achieve the most competitive packaging costs alongside the highest levels of service whilst minimising disruption.
Our team is here to help…

Packaging Cost Reduction & Rationalisation.

Obalů pro životní prostředí a udržitelnost.

Obalů inovacích a designu.

Kompletní technické řešení balení.

Packaging recyklovatelných, Reuse, Returnables.

End to End Packaging Vylepšení.

Nedávné projekty

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Pearl Dairy východní Afrika. Zlepšení balení Kvalita / snížení celkových nákladů na balení. Realizován v roce 2019.

Celkové snížení nákladů, Inovace a automatizace program - "Velmi úspěšný projekt v celé firmě".