proyectosA look at some of our projects

  • Descripción de la imagen industrial

    Industrials – Fuel Cells

    Development of a returnable packaging system for the Fuel Cell’s Division of Johnson Matthey. Reels of high cost treated PET film assembled onto a stackable end wall structure with centre cores and security end clamps. From clean room manufacture to Customer and return.

    johnson matthey
  • Descripción de la imagen sanitaria

    Cuidado de la salud, Farmacéutica y Desechables

    A Technical Levers Project to consolidate specifications and reduce corrugated costs across all JnJ global operations and suppliers. A twelve month programme that delivered cost savings of 23% and related tonnage levels.

    Consumidor global de Johnson & Johnson
  • Sustainable Food packaging


    Working with Itsu to remove single trip plastics and specify sustainable packaging material structures across its wide product portfolio.

  • productos químicos, Envases de polvos y adhesivos

    productos químicos, Polvos y Adhesivos

    Sealants and adhesives. Several technical development projects. Taking concepts through to prototyping, CANALLA, supplier interface, costs / capex, trials and implementation.

    Developing unique patentable solutions to reduce plastic content and gain competitive market advantages.

    de cinco
  • mensajero, Distribución, Envases retornables

    B2C / B2B, Distribución, retornables

    Group wide packaging standardisation and cost reduction programme. Setting new packaging standards – materials, structures, sizes, print, inks, reusables, sustainability. Further targeting carbon neutral packaging status.

    DPD Europe / GeoPost Group
  • Embalaje de productos para el hogar


    Pack design, prototipado, testing and CAD detailing for leading brands such as Ooni, Kenwood, Cole & Mason, Zylis, Wedgwood, Bosch, Royal Doulton etc

    Ooni, Kenwood, Marcas DK
  • Electronics Image


    Development of cost effective award winning packaging for B&W's Diamond 800 Series speakers. A turnkey project to develop a roll on roll off reusable packaging structure – design, prototipado, CANALLA, tooling, pruebas, line trials and implementation.

    Bowers y Wilkins
  • Meriendas, confitería, Galletas

    Meriendas, Confectionery, Galletas

    Complejidad de las estructuras de película / especificaciones racionalizados a través de numerosos SKUs y cinco plantas operativas para generar ahorros en base a elementos comunes y las economías de escala.

    Galletas de Burton
  • Sustainability packaging


    Development of protective recycled paper wadding to replace plastic foam wrap. Printed to create a great branding opportunity. Implemented within twelve months across UK, Belgium, USA sites. Automated lines redesigned – software and engineering – built, installed, completed.

  • Embalaje profesional y de bricolaje

    Bricolaje y profesional

    Fontanería McAlpine - Packaging consolidation, cost reduction and automation projects implemented across four operating facilities. Reestructuración completa de envases, su presentación, graphics, sustainability and operational packing.

    Fontanería McAlpine
  • Envasado de bebidas


    Long Man Brewery – a successful award winning and sustainable brewery. Designing branding, graphic designs, packaging – bottles, cans, closures, etiquetas, outer packaging. An end to end design process.

    Long Man Brewery
  • Tecnología e Innovación, Premio Red Dot Design

    Tecnología e Innovación

    Here, we have developed a disposable incontinence bag. The bag is designed to clip onto an application collar with ease – necessary for senior users and those with agility issues. The bag contains a liquid absorbent gel ready for disposal.

    The 'pack' has won several awards and is subject to patent.

    Binding Sciences