TPG Packaging Consultants

Packaging Specialists in:

  • Packaging Cost Reduction
  • Packaging Innovation & Packaging Design
  • Plastic Packaging Alternatives
  • Packaging Recyclables, Reuse, Returnables & Packaging Sustainability
  • Packaging Systemisation & Automation

TPG is an independent Packaging Consultancy working across all packaging mediums, user sectors and Countries. We create end to end more effective integrated packaging solutions. We achieve worthwhile and ongoing benefits for Clients.

TPG Clients

News & Articles

E-tailers must wrap up a better package

The exponential growth in e-commerce has seen an unsustainable increase in wasteful packaging, posing an immediate problem

Think Packaging launched

TPG have launched creative pack design hub specifically focusing on their luxury packaging design and graphic work.

Beer bottle lights up on touch

Beer bottle lights up on touch: Anheuser-Busch shows smart packaging potential

Solid board packaging from tomato plants

Solidus Solutions is working on scaling up a process to produce solid board with tomato plant fibres. Read full article